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Long time! WIP PICS and such!

It's been awhile but I'm super busy with Halloween XD Since some of my commissioners are here on LJ I thought I'd also mention that I will be posting WIP pics for all my Halloween commissions here as well as FA :) Working on 6 heads at once 8D WOOOOO and I have college classes. Fun XD LOL Energy drinks for the win! 8D Most everything is furred, but going to post WIP pics of the foam work without the fur "mask" attached for final OK's before I move on :)

I also have some suit heads from my friends over at Avsun Mascots that I need to ship T_T I'm hoping Esh from Avsun will come over this weekend and help me out some and also ship the heads I detailed and looked over for them :P A Corgi and a Roo (which has big super cute eyes 8D SO CUTE! I might steal this idea from them muahahahah) , both look so amazing ^-^ (I feel like a proud mama LOL) Though, I did end up replacing some fur on the Corgi's neck because I accidentally dumped black ink on it T__T it was horrible too because I didn't have that fur type in stock so I had to order more and wait for it to come D8 LOL never again....one of the down-sides to working with a gravity fed-airbrush :P (no lid) Those heads should be shipped Sunday :) They were SO fast too D8! 1-2 months completion time as promised, not bad not bad XD Better then I can say since I've missed many a deadline of late T_T Hoping to catch up once all these Halloween commissions are done :P

Anywho! Sunday pics will be here! So keep on the look out! 8D Thanks so much everyone! :)

I'm 22 today 8D

I'm 22 today! 8D YAY! Thank you to Raynard for the girsts they were so sweet TwT And thank yous to all of you who wished me a happy birthday over on FA and the like :)

Vaaaaatioooon Alllll I ever waaanted!!

Well, school starts on the 23rd and I'm flying in at 1:30 tonight :P JOY! I'm going to try my best to finish the old que and start on the new one ;) I know it'll become more difficult for me as school progresses so I want to make sure I get everything finished up so I can start my one commission a month deal 8D
Also, flying by myself is not fun 8( But at least there are no layovers....8D

Should have some more WIP pics and some shots of my new moving eye style 8D (I'm soooo happy with this method, it's very similar to my old methods but the connection point (the line by the tear duct) of the plastic is no longer there on the new method 8D Sooo it makes for a MUCH cleaner/ believable looking eye ;)

Just installed fans for the first time into a head as well. It was very interesting :P Lots of cursing and moving around of fans, but I finally put them behind the eyes and shoved to the sides. This was awesome in the end because it pulled cool air from the outside and blew it right across the face 8D (not on the eyes mind you as that would make anyone's eyes water and or dry out quickly, making it uncomfy :P)
Hope the commissioner loves it as well XD

WIP Pics? More posts here?

I don't know how many people actually read my posts LOL but if a good number of you do, I might start posting more, like what I'm doing, new ideas, maybe sneak peeks of what I'm working on next and WIP shots, maybe some Q&A for anyone interested in my methods? I dunno... let me know you guys :D

Also, quickly made myself a cute NEW ICON 8D it MOVES XD I was going to color it and make it look nice but I got lazy.....

OK, back to work D8 !

Final 4

Final 4 suits to be finished before school starts on the 23rd. Wish me luck :D I have done a total of 14 suits in 3 months.
I have no life :(

I will be posting a huge post in LJfursuit soon enough with everythiiiiing, going to take some more pics of newer stuff though :D LOL

Now...back to work D:

New stuff :D

I figured I don't post enough of my newer works here anymore so I think I'll share here too more often XD

here's some of Whatever you preFur's newest works ;3

well. maybe not super new, but I'll have loads of new stuff in the next few days :D! Yay!

Also, you can always see my site for new work ;3


Thanks everyone :)!

Things that make me smile :)

Got this email today, it made me smile :D

"HEYYY!!!!! just got back from florida yesterday and I honestly love him to death!! it fits legit perfect and its exactly what i wanted! the tail is awesome and the paws are really fun ;) im so happy you were the one to do my fursuit and it was def worth the wait. i hope your business continues to thrive! all of my friends say its very cool! : ) thank you copperfur

<3 foxy stu =D.


I love these emails, it makes the work worth it to see someone excited about an art form, one like fursuits :)

In not so good news, my mother is very ill, I'm far away and I worry about her :( I hope she'll be ok :'(


(cross posted from FA :D)

Next school year (September 2010) I will NOT have time to make fursuits :(
And, the school year after that. No suits! D:

I can and will take very few commissions during the summers, IF I am not doing internships. :P

Up till now I have made suits to help pay for art school, don't get me wrong, I LOVE making them and this has been a dream come true. A small part of me almost secretly wished to drop school and pursue this as a business :P But animation and the things that come with it are where I think I belong. Don't get me wrong, once I am out of school I will most likely continue building, it's too much fun to stop and has become a joyful side career of sorts. :) My seamstress will still be making bodysuits, so those commissions are always welcome, anytime.

So bottom line. If you want a commission from me, there are 2 slots left. After that I will close commissions until the summer of next year. Or, if I find my workload can fit another commission this summer, then I will post about it here. :)

I feel bad about closing the doors for such long periods of time, but I simply can not make suits while school is in session next year or the year after. I hope you all understand :(

Thanks a bunch everyone! <3 You have all been so wonderful! I hope I can continue to build after school is over, thank you all again so much for the continued support of my work, I'm so happy that people enjoy it :)

Name Change?

I'm thinking about making another username, I don't really wanna be known as copperfur, but PreFur since it's derived from my costume studio name; "whatever you PreFur" what do you guys think? Too confusing? Should I just keep my current username? :P I have already changed over to PreFur on FA and on DA as well. I dunno :P

Just a reminder everyone

I have been getting a lot of commissions for heads but I am currently only accepting Full suit and Partial commissions. My Slots for head only commissions is full, however I still have a slot left for 1 partial commission and 2 slots for full suits :) Full suits have a completion time of 2 months if the commissioner wishes! :D Or if you would like to talk about payment options that is also available.

Again sorry everyone and thank you so much for the continued support, I'm touched that so many people enjoy my work, I hope to continue building. I'd also like to ask everyone to welcome my new friend and seamstress Linda, who has been making costumes for 15 years and is joining "Whatever You PreFur" as the head seamstress and bodysuit maker. ;3 I will still be carving heads but I no longer have time to sew arms and legs, etc. So she will be taking over in that department. Hehehehe.

I'll have some new stuff up soon :3 Right now gotta run off and finish suits in time for FurFright :P. Thanks again everyone!